In the past decade, the increase of zombie culture has risen to an all-time high. With entertainment such as The Walking Dead reaching record viewership, and the box office success in 2013 of World War Z, the movie loosely based on Max Brook’s novel of the same title, the zombie has become a most loved rotting, flesh-eating monster of our time. Of course, we all owe thanks to the creator of that old 1968 black and white movie “Night of the Living Dead”, George A. Romero. Without his introduction of zombies to the big screen our flesh-eating friends would still be Haitian Voodoo Folklore.

Interestingly enough, these rotters have appeared to evolve as our society has grown and changed. When making their big debut they were slow and senseless, only able to catch a person if they either cornered them with their zombie pals or if their meal is an incapable speed walker.

Today, movies such as “28 Days Later” have made zombies into something practically out-runnable! In “WWZ” one would have to be the Flash to think of escaping the superzombies that Max Brooks created. Zombies have become smarter, faster, and more agile in keeping with our own social schema.

So what does this mean for us? In Matt Dhar’s article, according to Robert J. Smith’s mathematical equation for the rate of the transmission of the infected to the uninfected, nothing good can come of it. In “Divide Then Conquer” the Zeds are very fast, and after the initial bite the uninfected becomes infected so rapidly that we are outnumbered in a manner of minutes. This leaves one conclusion from Smith’s equation. We are screwed.

Could this be true? Could the evolution of zombies from walkers to runners to super human runners mean the end for all mankind? Or can the living out smart their brain dead foe?

Zombies having evolved from “Night of the Walking Dead” to night-of-the-insane- crazy–fast-dead it seems that humans may no longer be able to rely on our physical prowess, but must now rely on our mental capacity for love, loyalty and instinct to survive. If we cannot outrun them, we have to outsmart them, or we join them.

The question is, does the human condition of emotion act as our advantage or our disadvantage in the zombie apocalypse?

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