It has been said that zombies have evolved into different beings than they were once imagined to be. From slow rotting corpses as seen in “Night of The Living Dead” to the very fast an agile creatures of “28 Days Later”. Now, it seems zombies have taken the next step and have come even closer to their humanity. In the past few years, zombies have become seen not so much as just monsters, but sexual beings. Has Media finally crossed the line of creating an acceptable form of necrophilia?

With what seems to be the everlasting interest in the living dead, it should not come as a surprise that big media is turning to the one thing they know to be true. Sex sells.

We first saw zombies becoming sexualized on the big screen with Jonathan Levine’s “Warm Bodies”. Here, the gist of the story is the classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl scenario, but boy is a zombie. This goes against what everyone considered the obvious difference between humans and zombies. Humans, unlike our zombie counterparts, have a sense of emotion. So it is true? Are the cold, rotting corpses in fact getting warmer?

This question can possibly be answered with the new CW TV show “iZombie”, originally written by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred and published by DC Comics Vertigo in 2010. With further review of the extended trailer, it seems that zombies are not only getting warmer, but hotter! Who wants a rotting, smelly, fleshy zombie hand running up their thigh when they can have Rose McIver? The “iZombie” trailer alludes to this young zombie that seems to have it all. Exceptionally attractive, smart, moral, and of course a strong appetite for BRAINS. Not only does she shatter the myth that zombies are stupid because she is a medical school graduate, but she also takes it to the next level by making zombies good rather than a force for evil through her epic crime-fighting skills. Sounds like anyone would want this kind of woman, dead or alive.

Both “Warm Bodies” and “iZombie” have taken the usual zombie horror and made it into an unusual zombie series. Not only do these interpretations represent the zombie culture embracing a sexual view of the living dead, they also have made zombies more alive and much less dead because sex sells. Zombies may still be dead, but they are definitely getting hotter!











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