Book 1: Divide Then Conquer of The Zombie Company Crusade Series

Book 1: Divide Then Conquer includes Parts 1-6 of The Zombie Company Crusade Series! Inspired by the human struggle for survival, DIVIDE THEN CONQUER is an epic American series exploring what it means to face an unknown enemy while confronting social and cultural mores that no longer work in a ...

Divide Then Conquer- Part 6

Available on Amazon Kindle, Nook Books, and iBooks! As safe zones across the United States strategically plan how they will be self-sufficient, Chief attempts to secure a group of scientists in Colorado Springs with vital samples.  Jack and Jimmie are trying to acclimate to their new surroundings and the president ...

Divide Then Conquer – Part 5

Catherine is faced with taking on a lot of responsibility for Coronado Island.  Joshua Blair is taking control of his position as his father right-hand-man.  Banfeild and Bernard come face to face with their disagreements.  A family on the outskirts of Georgia get a surprise visitor.

Press Release for Divide Then Conquer

—————————————————————————————— January 24, 2015 Announces the release of the serial novel Divide Then Conquer. Check it out today and stay tuned for the release of the 5th part to Divide Then Conquer: The Zombie Company Crusade Series coming at the beginning of this February!

Zombie Company Crusade-The Game

A new gaming project created to change the way we play and interact with other gamers on our mobile devices. Designed to optimize single and multi-player gaming and adds the chaos, excitement and thrill that only marauding zombie hordes can bring to traditional game play. Who doesn’t love a good ...