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A new gaming project created to change the way we play and interact with other gamers on our mobile devices. Designed to optimize single and multi-player gaming and adds the chaos, excitement and thrill that only marauding zombie hordes can bring to traditional game play. Who doesn’t love a good zombie horde wreaking some serious havoc?

FBShare_ZCCZCC also adds those in-demand, player-driven features, such as extensive troop control and manipulation, company battles and targeted friend-friend battling for a well-rounded, engaging experience that really keeps players immersed in their post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. This game is a major departure from the traditional cartoon-esque approach most mobile games have taken with their graphics and delivers stunningly realistic and dynamic art.

This isn’t your average save-the-world game. This is a save-the-world game for serious game lovers looking to take their mobile experience to the next level.